• Wencke Braathen

    Visionary Fiction Author

Wencke Braathen started her search for information about Mary Magdalene when she was 15 years old. There wasn’t much to find until “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” by Henry Lincoln and collaborators came out in 1982. From then on, new research was made and published, much to her delight. A trip to Egypt visiting ancient sites along the Nile with the belt of Osiris shining above anchored her dedication to write the book about the powerful priestess who had studied at the temple of Serapium and the library of Alexandria.

She is currently working on the sequel to this book, following the knowledge laid down by Mariam and Yeshua, and how it surfaced a thousand years after their time. A French Chatar joins a Viking and brings the Celtic Church to Norway, saving the knowledge from extinction.

A third book is planned that will focus on the information inherent in the Dead Sea Scrolls and how that knowledge was suppressed by the church.

Wencke Braathen has also written plays and musicals; “Nansen’s Dream” and “Hell is Canceled!”

The author lives in Chicago with her husband. When she is not at her keyboard, she tends a garden and goes for walks along Lake Michigan, unless she is on another pilgrimage to a sacred site doing research with her laptop in her backpack.