• Robert Springer

    Organ Pipes of the Soul

I have been writing on and off since high school, eventually getting my BA in English with a creative writing emphasis. But life had other plans and instead of going into teaching, I found work in publishing. Along the way, the Twin Towers fell, my job was shipped to India, and due to that outsourcing, I had a chance to return to school at 62 years old, thus making me a late-life Master of Arts recipient. I wrote a whole new novel for my MA thesis, did more writing than I ever had, and started to teach Freshman English. I find myself at 67 a happily married spouse, a parent, a grandfather of two, and much to my surprise, a Deacon in my church. I have a modest media presence and a modest publication history in four of the volumes of my school’s student/faculty publication, University of Indianapolis’ Etchings.

Meanwhile, this novel kept reminding me not to forget it, and the current pandemic has increased my motivation to get this story out. In my last editing pass, I finally knew I was ready. I hope you are pleased with this story. I hope you find it intriguing. It is meant to be thought-provoking but entertaining. I think you will find it both.

Robert Springer