Unity in Everything that Is: Enlightened Warriorship Under the Guidance of 13 Masters

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“A beautiful composition of wisdom, grace, and insight into the deepest teachings and transformational truths of our time.”
– Howard Falco, spiritual teacher & author of I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are

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In Unity in Everything That Is, spiritual teacher, Reiki master and shaman Frank Coppieters shares his experiences with the wondrous dimensions of light and love. He tells the story of his own searching, which led him to 13 masters, and what he was granted to learn from each of them. The inspired messages he receives invite the reader to also follow their own journey. They are filled with hope and purpose and will certainly touch your heart. They point to the fork in the road—where humanity is poised right now—and encourage us to allow the evolution of higher consciousness.

This fascinating book reveals the possibility for everyone to find deep satisfaction in an enlightened warriorship that contributes to the quality of life on earth.

Frank Coppieters, Ph.D., taught for 13 years in semiotics, literary theory and drama at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In 1985 he gave up his tenure to follow an inner voice guiding his search. Since then, he has emerged as a wise and loving teacher.

Temple Hayes’ Interview with Frank Coppieters

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4 reviews for Unity in Everything that Is: Enlightened Warriorship Under the Guidance of 13 Masters

  1. Mieke Benton

    Many before us have walked the earth and made the brave journey inward to find the essence and truth of who we truly are. Not withstanding the turbulence and conflicts on earth they fearlessly expressed their authentic nature and by doing so gave all human beings an example and permission to do the same. Many of them we now call Masters.

    Frank Coppieters’ book Unity In Everything That Is. Enlightened Warriorship Under the Guidance of 13 Masters, provides access to the knowledge and wisdom he personally gathered in his extensive experiences with these masters. He also shares how he personally and practically integrates this knowledge in his own daily life. All the gifts, joys, struggles and challenges are beautifully and humbly voiced in a tapestry containing many gems of wisdom! Frank’s manuscript brings truth, hope and motivation. It provides practical advice on how we to can navigate our own journey inward.

    This is the life manual I always wished I had.

  2. Marilee Eaves, Reiki Master, Writer and Grandmother

    Coppieters’ strikingly clear and accessible book is a delight, a treasure and an appealing story. He weaves in his vast experiences and perceptions as he writes of his growing up and his amazing engagements with thirteen major spiritual masters. Reading this book jumpstarts me into paying attention to my own path–I am grateful for his purity of heart, sense of humor, inspiring joyfulness and humility—I find myself smiling back at him on every page

  3. KG Stiles, BA, LMT, CBT, CBP, Award-winning author, The Essential Oils Complete Reference Guide: Over 250 Recipes for Natural Wholesome Aromatherapy

    Self discovery at it’s very best. Truly remarkable!
    Spiritual seekers everywhere will find plenty of nourishment for heart, mind and soul in, “Unity In Everything That Is.” It is at once a primer for awakening to ‘Truth’ and filled with many inspired ‘Pointings’ that are sure to satisfy. Frank Coppieters writes from years of experience and investigation into the spiritual worlds. His book, “Unity in Everything That Is,” may well be one of the most comprehensive and insightful books yet written on the teachings of 13 of our world’s most recognized and enlightened Master’s. Highly recommended!

  4. Leslie Grasa, Performance Artist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Teacher

    I have known Frank for 14 years and watched him consistently embody the wisdom of the 13 teachers he writes about here. He has mined the gifts of each and made them his own. Just as he shares the stories of his teachers, Frank is my teacher and this book is a gift to me and to all who read it. The simple, practical language is infused with energy and there is a transmission that happens with each new story. The exercises and Inspired Guidance help deliver this energy in an easy, gentle way. Like Frank himself, this book is humble and filled with compassion and gratitude – and also very powerful, sometime deceptively so, as has been true of great Shamans throughout the ages.

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