Unity in Everything that Is: Enlightened Warriorship Under the Guidance of 13 Masters


“A beautiful composition of wisdom, grace, and insight into the deepest teachings and transformational truths of our time.”
– Howard Falco, spiritual teacher & author of I AM: The Power of Discovering Who You Really Are

In the Unity in Everything That Is audiobook, spiritual teacher, Reiki master and shaman Frank Coppieters narrates his experiences with the wondrous dimensions of light and love. He tells the story of his own searching, which led him to 13 masters, and what he was granted to learn from each of them. The inspired messages he receives invite the reader to also follow their own journey. They are filled with hope and purpose and will certainly touch your heart. They point to the fork in the road—where humanity is poised right now—and encourage us to allow the evolution of higher consciousness.

This fascinating book reveals the possibility for everyone to find deep satisfaction in an enlightened warriorship that contributes to the quality of life on earth.

Frank Coppieters, Ph.D., taught for 13 years in semiotics, literary theory and drama at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. In 1985 he gave up his tenure to follow an inner voice guiding his search. Since then, he has emerged as a wise and loving teacher.

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