Son of the Metanah – A Blended Universe Novel

When Tey Ka, a descendent of the Blood Bats and Giant Eagles, discovers he has the Bane, he knows his time is short. No Talactican cursed with the Bane survives – he is hunted down and murdered by his Clan, or he lives with the disease in secret until it kills him. But that was before Tey Ka meets Lean Tra, a low-born female of the base clan.

Thrown into a world of secrets, passions, and magic, Tey Ka finds himself confronting not only who he was born to be and the thing killing him, but a frightening new world that might hold the answer to both.

Shytei Corellian

By the time Shytei Corellian graduated high school, she’d spent a year at university and begun work on three novels. With writing as her life, jobs became necessary hobbies. From barista to ski lift operator, firefighter to martial arts instructor, she’s traveled from state to state, job to job, the only constant a pet laptop. She is a Qi Gong and Meditation Instructor and holds a bachelors in Spiritual Counseling and a Masters in Metaphysical Science.

Author of the award-winning short, The Wolves, she is also the writer of one original feature-length screenplay and two adaptations. Documenting memories of past lives in novel form, she is the author of four novels which will be released through VIZIA Publishing over the next three years, with fifteen more novels in the works.

She lives in Park City, Utah.