Rat Race Remedies


In this humorous, yet informative book, Jackie shares her five proven strategies that will help you get out of your own Rat Race. You’ll learn how to ease up, slow down, and tune into life. As Jackie says in this refreshing eBook, “I don’t know one person who died wishing they had been just a bit busier during their life. In fact, when you look at the five most common death bed regrets there is a lot to be learned that lends itself to the Rat Race Remedy.”

About the Author

I am certified (CPC, LICSW) and a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, radio and television personality and seminar leader who is passionate about expanding the edge of human potential. I have written three best-seller books:

  • Money Vibe: Your Path to Financial Freedom Whether You have Money or Not
  • Calming the Chaos: A Soulful Guide to Managing Your Energy Rather than Your Time
  • Time for a Change: Essential Skills for Managing the Inevitable

I was featured along with Jack Canfield and Don Miguel Ruiz on the Wake Up! TV show in 2015. I live between my homes in Washington D.C., central Massachusetts, and the Thousand Islands of Upstate New York.

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