Pacoj Vortoj: Sitting Meditation by Rhonda Kinosian


An amazing collection of guided meditations from Rhonda Kinosian, Pacoj Vortoj (Peaseful Words in Esperanto), available FOUR ways … vocals only, deeply ingrained with bi-naural beats for a deeper experience, with nature sounds, or back by the music of the cosmos.

Sitting Meditation, is now available in guided meditation, with binaural beats, with nature sounds, and with music of the cosmos. Buy all four versions for on low price. Coming Soon: On Lovingkindness and Chakra healing.

Sitting Meditation Guided Meditation

Sitting Meditation with Binaural Boost

Sitting Meditation with Nature Sounds

Sitting Meditation with Music of the Cosmos

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Voice or Music

Chakra Healing Meditation Only, Chakra Healing with Binaural Beats, Chakra Healing with Nature Sounds, Chakra Healing with Music of the Cosmos, BUY ALL FOUR CHAKRA HEALING!, On Lovingkindness Meditation Only, On Lovingkindness with Binaural Beats, On Lovingkindness with Nature Sounds, On Lovingkindness with Music of the Cosmos, BUY ALL FOUR ON LOVINGKINDNESS!


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