Money Vibe: Your Financial Freedom Formula by Jackie Woodside

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Money Vibe is a compelling guide to what is possible when you train your mind to guide and direct you toward your highest expression. It is a roadmap for anyone who is committed to elevating their game.

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A revolution is upon us in terms of understanding human potential.

In the past ten to twenty years, everything that was once believed to be true about how we best succeed had been turned upside down. Success, it seems, depends much more on one’s inner game than was previously thought. The old notions of getting a good education and working hard as the pathway to success are not only outdated and not necessarily true, they are likely standing in the way of you feeling and achieving all that you desire.

What is this revolution? It is not about creating better habits, it’s about what underlies your habits. It’s not about working and practicing thousands of hours to develop excellence; it’s about what would have you do so. The revolution I am talking about is that scientists, philosophers, coaches and performance experts of all stripes are starting to address the underlying element of all human endeavor: human consciousness, energy, or what Jackie Woodside calls your “vibe.”

Bestselling author and coaching expert, Jackie Woodside has spent decades studying and working with the leading edges of the human potential movement. What she has found is revealed in this stunning new book, Money Vibe. What you will learn is that elevating your consciousness is the single most effective way to bring about the changes in your financial life and in the success you desire. Today, the understanding of energy and vibe is becoming a mainstream topic. Everyone understands the notion of vibe as a layman’s term. This book starts take the notion of vibe from the layman to the practitioner to the application of how to manage your vibe to accelerate the accomplishment of what you want in life.

Money Vibe is a compelling guide to what is possible when you train your mind to guide and direct you toward your highest expression. It is a roadmap for anyone who is committed to elevating their game.

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9 reviews for Money Vibe: Your Financial Freedom Formula by Jackie Woodside

  1. David Krueger, M.D.Author, Business Bestseller The Secret Language of Money

    Money Vibe is an engaging, informed, and systematic catalyst to understand and powerfully transform your relationship with money.

  2. Gordon Tredgold, Inc Top 10 Leadership Expert and Speaker

    How we think and feel about money has a direct impact our our relationship with it, and with the wrong mindset we will always be stressed and struggling about money. Money Vibe helps you create the right mindset so the you can have a positive relationship, one that will help your peace of mind and build a profitable future.

  3. Ralph Sanders, Author of Break Loose: Anything is Possible

    Jackie Woodside’s Money Vibe masterfully weaves stories, facts, inventories, philosophies and practical skills into one inviting and engaging process for readers.

  4. Marcia Weider, CEO, Dream University and Best-Selling Author

    This profound book provides a comprehensive view on how our beliefs, emotions, attitudes and thoughts impact our relationship with money and what we can do to find true financial freedom!

  5. Terry Durkin

    Jackie’s authentic self shines through in her book making the nuggets of wisdom she shares with us more meaningful and practical. Thanks for writing such a powerful book, Jackie!

  6. TNaroian

    Jackie Woodside has a unique way of teaching us how to have a healthy and rewarding relationship with money. I love that there are practical ways to keep the thoughts of money and use of money modern, upbeat and productive. Who doesn’t want financial freedom? Now, with the wisdom of Jackie Woodside and her style of utilizing energy and pracitcality, anyone and everyone can have the tools to enjoy financial freedom.

  7. SherriM

    Easy read with so much great information. I feel empowered to make changes in my life with simple and even fun techniques. Thank you Jackie Woodside. Blessings

  8. Kent Dinning

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

    If you are ready to change your story around money, read this book.

    If you are serious about wanting a different relationship with your money, read this book.

    Jackie has laid out an easy to understand, practical approach that heals your relationship with your money.

  9. Thomas E. Buckborough

    Jackie has a way of being both practical and spiritual in her teachings. This book has so much great advice. Part coaching, part practical to do list, this book will have you asking your self important questions about your relationship with “money” that you’ve never thought to ask.
    Jackie’s writing style is no nonsense and enjoyable to read.
    Jackie is a wonderful teacher, coach and mentor; this book is a great way to get your introduction to her unique outlook and teachings about living a happier and more productive life!

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