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Not every book becomes a best seller, but every book has the potential and you can increase that potential by partnering with Conscious Living Media.
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Many of our book are companions to their respective author’s ConsciousLiving.Academy courses.  We still have a penchant for holding a book in our hands; so on rare occasions we will print our books and ship them directly to you.  Check out our books.

Music & Video

At Conscious Living Media we love music!  We’re seeking uplifting, inspirational, relaxing, meditative music to share with the world!  We’re also going to be releasing guided meditation albums, videos, and more!  Check out our albums!

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Uplifting, inspirational, relaxing, and meditative products for your best life!
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  • Peak NLP by Richard Corvino, CHt.
  • Total EFT by Aaron C. Yeagle

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Something about how hard it is to not just write a book but to market it and sell it, too!

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Our Artists Are Amazing! Authors, Musicians, Speakers, and Teachers ... Wow.
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  • Patricia Smith, MA
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