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COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening by Forrest Rivers

The emergence of COVID-19 turned the world upside down causing mass causalities and sickness, economic ruin, and social unrest in the streets. However, despite the pandemic’s tragic and chaotic nature, the virus has also been a catalyst for the spiritual awakening of humanity on a scale not seen at any time since possibly World War II.

In COVID-19 and Humanity’s Spiritual Awakening, Forrest Rivers walks the reader through the myriad of ways in which the virus has served to awaken the inborn seeds of truth, wisdom, and the acknowledgment of our common roots as one human family.

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Paco Vortoj Guided Meditations

Our best-selling collection of guided meditations from Rhonda Kinosian, Pacoj Vortoj (Peaceful Words in Esperanto), available FOUR ways … vocals only, deeply ingrained with binaural beats for a deeper experience, with nature sounds, or backed by the music of the cosmos.

Chakra Healing, Loving Kindness, The Art of Breathing, and Sitting Meditation

Hewlett Crist

Enjoy the relaxing Southwest Guitar music of composer, Hewlett Crist; celebrating the American Southwest across six amazing albums.

Self-Improvement and Spiritual Development Books

From Frank Coppieters’ magnum opus, “Unity in Everything That Is” to Jackie Woodside’s “Money Vibe” and Patricia Smith’s “Lucid Dreaming: An Explorer’s Guide” we have an ever-growing catalog of books to help you live your best life!

VIZIA Visionary Fiction

VIZIA is our newly-formed imprint to publish Visionary Fiction. Launch titles include “Rosa Mundi” by Gerald R. Stanek, “Organ Pipes of the Soul” by Robert Springer, and “Her Dark Matter Necklace” by Robert Albo.

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Conscious Living Media

Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality catalog of useful, innovative, and fun books, music, and meditative products to help you live your best life.

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Whether you are an author, musician, spiritual teacher/practitioner, or similar we are very interested in your work and helping you produce an exceptionally high-quality product and getting that product – and YOU – out into the universe as successfully as possible! We’re what is called a hybrid publisher.

For the sake of transparency, all of our contracts are 50% split on net proceeds. Music and similar audio products are typically licensed in perpetuity but also non-exclusive. Generally speaking, every element of a contract is negotiable. Our goal is mutual success.

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